About the Library


Bingham University Library started with the appointment of and assumption of duty by the University Librarian, Pastor John O. Arosanyin, in April 2006. Support for the University Library has largely come from Society for International Missions also known as Serving in Missions - SIM. Initial financial support through SIM came from Mr. Howard Claassen, an associate of late Dr. Jim Kraakevik, a great supporter himself of our library development.


The library has grown from zero level in space, staffing and collection to the current library building with a sitting capacity of 250 users, 34 staff members (Librarians, Library Officers, Library Assistants and other support staff) and a book collection of over 12,000 volumes. 


We operate from six points: * Bingham University Main Library, Main Campus, Karu * The College of Health Sciences Library - Medical Library, Main Campus, Karu * The Computer Science Library, FOST Building, main Campus, Karu * The Faculty of Humanities, Social & Management Sciences Library - Resource Room, Main Campus, Karu * The BHUTH Library, BHU Teaching Hospital, Jos * the Faculty of Science & Technology Library - Library Annex, Main Campus, Karu.


The main library of the University provides collections and services to support Faculties or Programmes not specifically served by the branch libraries. The Main Library supports the branch libraries with central services, including acquisition, cataloguing and management of new materials including electronic resources, purchase of supplies and equipment, management information, and library systems.


Administratively Bingham University Library is structured into the following functional areas:


  1. Administration & Collection Development Department.                                                
    • General Administration Support and Collection Development Divisions
      • The University Librarian’s Office, Fiscal, Grants and Accounts Section, Property/Facility management Section, Library Marketing Section and Library Security Section; The Collection Development Division is made up of Acquisition of Books and Journals subscriptions, Special collection & Government publications, Gifts & Exchanges Sections, including ordering and receiving, accessioning materials for the library and preparation of items for the cataloguing process.
  2. Readers and College Services Department made up of Circulation Services and Exhibition Section ( lending, collection maintenance, membership services) Reserved Books and Question Papers Section, Inter – Library Cooperation and Document Delivery Section (inter-library lending services and document delivery), Reprographic, Printing and Binding Section, and Research and Reference Services Section (Research help services, Reference services, information literacy programs).
  3. Technical Services & Systems Department comprising
    • Technical Services and Systems Divisions: Cataloguing and Classification Section (Classification and cataloguing items of all the collections & collection control), Multimedia Resources Section, Bindery and Preservation Section and Library Publications Section.
    • Library Systems Division comprising Computing systems development and maintenance, Library Automation Section, Library Computers Network(LAN/WAN), Internet and Web. Admin Section, Digital/Virtual Library Section (including Institutional repository development) and User Interface and Training Section.

A new smart, main library building with a sitting capacity of about 560 users at a time and provision for computers and multimedia labs, video/web conferencing facility and conference hall has been designed and awaiting construction Our collection of over 12,000 volumes relevant to the curriculum supports the teaching and research needs of the University in the Health Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Humanities, Management and Social Sciences. A substantial proportion of the collection is located in the main library on the University's main campus. All our collections are arranged by call numbers. If you are not sure of  where to go or what to do to locate a material in the Bingham University Library, use any of our OPAC systems to guide you  to where to find books and journals on the Library shelves.


Multimedia collection: Bingham University main Library houses the Multimedia collection of materials such as multimedia CDs, DVDs, slides, and such like.

New books Location: Once processed, new books are sent to the appropriate library. New books are displayed for one week before they are shelved. While on display, they may not be borrowed, but reservation can be made for any of the items before they are shelved. We provide lecturers with lists of new books that have been added to the main and branch libraries.

Newspapers Location: Newspapers are available in the Serials Department in the main library and the Readers Services arm of the Library Annexe . We subscribe to four national newspapers and one magazine. Older newspapers are available in the FOST Library - ask at the Serials Librarian for access to these.

Oversized Collection Location: Oversized books are shelved on the base shelves in all the libraries.

Current Journals: The Main University Library subscribes to several current journal titles, especially local journals, in all the fields of study in the University. We also have access to various Open Access (OA) peer-reviewed journals . We provide both print and electronic journals collection. Location: All our print journals are on display in the Serials Section. Back issues are stored on the flat shelves underneth the display shelves. Access to our digital resources can be made through our E- Library.

Reference collection: Bingham University Library has a Reference collection of encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes and abstracts, atlases and bibliographies. These are for use within the Library only. Reserve collection Bingham University Library provides a Reserve collection of items that are in very high demand. Such items as we have limited number of copies and or are on recommended reading lists of the Lecturers. Location: Reserved material are located in the Circulation Section. More information on the Reserve collection is available from the readers services desk

E – Library Collection: We have the MIT Opencourseware (OCW) on our intranet. Bingham University Library is the first Mirror site for the MIT Open Courseware in Nigeria. Our E-Library provides access to the 2TB E-Granary digital appliance, Kiwix (offline Wikibooks) and other online databases such as National Universities Commission (NUC)'s Virtual Library, Hinari, OARE and Jstor among others. Location: The E – Library is located just next to the Serials Section. The 750GB E-Granary is available in two of the branch libraries - Main Library Annexe and Medical library (Pre-Clinical) both on the main campus. The Main Library and all branch libraries provide internet access for all library users More information on the E-Library collection is available from the E – Resources Librarian

Special Collections: The University Library's Special collection is housed in the Main Library, opposite the Collection Development Division. This houses the World Bank resources donated to the university Library; Rare Books, the Nigeriana and Gbagyi collections and the Bingham University archival collection, as well as a copy of all of Bingham University's degree projects. These materials are not available for lending but for use only in the Library. More information on Special collections and on its Digitized collections is available from the Special Collections Librarian

Main Library Annex (Faculty of Science & Technology (FOST) Main Campus, Karu) Location: The Main Library Annex (formerly the University Library) is located in the Faculty of Science and Technology Building complex . The books and periodicals collection are mainly on science and technology and thus support the study, teaching and research needs of the Faculty of Science staff and students. More information on the Main Library Annex collections is available from the Librarian in charge of this facility..

Computer Science Library: The Departmental Library for Computer Science has been moved to the former hardware maintenance laboratory in the FOST Building complex, Main Campus, Karu. More information on Computer Science Library collections is available from the Readers Services Librarian

Faculty of Humanities, Social & Management Sciences (HSMS) Library Location: The Library, also known as the Business Resource Centre and now doubling as Econometrics Lab., is located in the FOST building, on the main campus, Karu. More information on the HSMS Library is available from the Readers Services Librarian.

Medical (College of Health Sciences) Libraries: The Medical Library comprises the Pre-Clinical library on the main campus, Karu and the Basic Clinical Library located at the Bingham University Teaching Hospital (BHUTH) in Jos, nearly 400 kilometers from the main campus. These cater for all the information and knowledge needs of the research and teaching staff and students of the College of Health Sciences. More information on the Medical Library collections is available from the Medical Librarian


Opening Hours

Monday: -       8:00a.m - 10:00p.m

Tuesday: -       8:00a.m -10:00p.m

Wednesday: -  8:00a.m - 10:00p.m

Thursday: -     8:00a.m - 10:00p.m

Friday: -         8:00a.m - 10:00p.m

Saturday: -      9:00a.m - 4:00p.m

Sunday -                 Closed

Public Holiday -     Closed

Semester Break- 8:00a.m-4:00p.m