The Bingham University Library Online Public Access Catalogue (BHULOPAC) as a bibliography control tool is a computerized Catalogue  that provides access to the Library prints collection available at the Bingham University Libraries.

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  • Library card number for students is your Matric No. and for Staffs is your Staff No. (e.g. BHU/00/00/00/0000 and SP000) NB: All in uppercase and no space.
  • Home library for Science students is Library Annex, for medical students is Basic Medical Library, for Social science students is the Main Library, for Law students is the Law Library and for Environmental science students is the Environmental Science Library.
  • Category for Degree students is Undergraduate Student, for Pgd, M.Sc., and Ph.D. is Postgraduate Student, for IJMB students is Pre-degree Student, for Academic staffs is Teaching Staff and for Non Academic staffs is Non-Teaching Staff. Etc.
  • Address for students should carry your Department, Hostel Name, and Room Number.
    Address for Staffs should carry your Official Office address.
  • You are expected to fill ALL the fields on the form and submit.
  • After a successful submission, you are to submit two (2) passport photographs to your Home Library (as listed in 2B above) for Library Card.
    NB: Passport should carry your Name, Department and Matric No. at the back.

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