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Dr. Ihuma Jerome Obo

Biological Sciences

  • jeromeihuma@binghamuni.edu.ng


I obtained a Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D) in Ecosystems Management (Forest Biology and Ecology), a Master of Technology Degree (M. Tech) in Forest Biology and Ecology, and a Bachelor Degree in Forestry, Wildlife and Range Management. I have conducted research extensively in diverse ecosystems and interface between human and natural ecosystems. Specifically, I am highly experienced in the aspects of ecological research, not limited, but including: • Seed Dispersal and Frugivory • Urban Ecology • Range Management • Climate Change Adaptation and mitigation • Management of Fragile and Marginal Ecosystem • Pollination Ecology • Ethno-botany • Plants-animal Interactions I have collaborated with Ornithologists, Ecologists, Primatologists and Anthropologists at National Parks and Forest Reserves at various times i.e. in the Nigerian Montane Forest Project (NMFP), the Gashaka Primate Project (GPP) and Gashaka Gumti National Park (GGNP). I have received notable awards and fellowships, among which are the “Berger Ladies fellowship to conduct research on Biodiversity of Ngel Nyaki Forest reserve” Other fellowships include, the North of England Zoological Society and the Small ruderford research grant administered through my supervisors to support my M.Tech and Ph.D Programmes. Currently, I am the Head of Department and a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Biological Sciences and I take students in the following courses: BIO 101 General Biology I BIO 102 General Biology II BIO 215 Introductory Ecology BIO 417 Biological Research Methods Bird, Plant identification and herbarium practices are some aspects of practical Biology/Ecology that I run. I am the Principal Investigator (PI) that proposed to construct GROWING POWER MODEL Aquaponics.

Research Interest

Potency of Medicinal Plants, Ecosystem dynamics, Pollination, frugivory and seed dispersal ecology, community and population ecology (Plant-animal interactions)


  • Ph.D Ecological Systems Management


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