Lecturer Profile


Mrs. Ajobiewe Helen Foluke

Biological Sciences

  • helenajo2000@yahoo.com


I have great flair for academic advancement in terms of making new scientific discoveries and cracking virgin grounds.

Research Interest

Parasitology, Entomology, Public Health and Entrepreneurship.




SN Title Type Status
1 Ajobiewe H.F, Ajobiewe J.O; Differential mites infestation of domesticated Animals and Handlers Dermatitis in Ijumu Nigeria. Research in Zoology 2016,6(1):11-16 DOI:10.592.ijzoology.20160601.03. Publication Published
2 Ajobiewe H.F, Ajobiewe J. O, Mbagwu T.T, Ale T, Taimako G.A. ; Assessment of bacteriological Quality of Borehole water, satchet Water and Well Water in Bingham University Community. American Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 2019, 9(3):96-113. Publication Published
3 Ajobiewe H.F, Ajobiewe J.O, Mbagwu T.T, ale, T, Yakubu G.T: Demonstration of Pectinase Enzyme Activity from Soil Bacillus spp. In Karu Nasarawa State of Nigeria Using Orange Peels Substrate. Journal of Microbiology Research 2019,9(10:6-11. Publication Published
4 Ajobiewe H.F, Ajobiewe J.O, Bakare Busayo: Microbial Risk Assessment of Restaurants/ Cafeteria Food in Abuja, Nigeria.:American Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences: 2018: Publication Published
5 Ajobiewe H.F, Ajobiewe J.O, Egbe J.O, Mbagwu T.T : Does Any Correlation Exist between Subjectively/visually Scored Colour intensity and Spectrophotometric Absorbance (Optical Density,OD) of Methanol Extract of Coconut Water Phytochemicals? American Journal of Medical and Medical Sciences 2019, 9(3) :81-84. Publication Published
6 Ajobiewe H.F, Ajobiewe J.O, Nehemiah E.: Prevalence of Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (ARI) in Paediatric patient Attending National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria.American Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 2018,8970:132-136. Publication Published
7 Ajobiewe H.F, Ajobiewe J.O, Mbagwu T.T, Ale T, Maria E.: Critical Appraisal of Onchocerca Microfilariae Density in Various Breeds Ages, and Sex of cattle in Karu Local Government Nasarawa State. American Journal of Medicine and Medicine Sciences 2019, ((4) 131-142. Publication Published
8 Nehemiah E. O., Ajobiewe H.F, Ajobiewe J.O.: Implications of Lower and Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (LRTI and URTI) in Generalized Acute Respiratory Tract Infection (ARI) among Paediatric Patients Attending National Hospital Abuja,Nigeria. Amertican Journal of medicine and Medical Sciences 2018, 8(8):165-170. Publication Published
9 Ajobiewe J.O, Maria Ebo, AjobieweH.F: Prevalence of Bovine Onchocerciasis in Karu Nasarawa State of Nigeria :American of Medicine and Medical Sciences 2018. Publication Published
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13 Ajobiewe J.O, Isu N.R, Agwale S, Ajobiewe H.F, Dangana A: Level of Awareness of Hpv Involvement in Prostatic Cancer Among Different Cadres of Medical Doctors. American Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences 2012, 2(20:10-13. Publication Published
14 Ajobiewe J.O, Ajobiewe H.F, Ibecheozor N.K.O, Peletiri I.c, Akogwu N, Onyeka P.N, Ogundeji A.A, Okoye W.N.T, Dangana A: Scaling up Molecular Epidemiology of Lassa Fever Virus among High Risk Groups in Abuja,. Are These Challenges Summountables? American Journal in Medicine and Medical Sciences 2014:4(6):206-211. Publication Published