Faculty of Administration

Bingham University, Karu

The Faculty of Administration of Bingham University, Karu was formally carved out of the erstwhile Faculty of Humanities, Social and Management Sciences in November 2019. The Faculty of Humanities, Social and Management Sciences of Bingham University has existed since the inception of the university, which started in the 2005/2006 academic session. The Faculty of Administration has three Departments – The Department of Accounting, Business Administration and Entrepreneurship Studies. The Departments of Accounting and Business Administration were established in 2008, while the Department of Entrepreneurship commenced with the 2019/2020 Academic Session in September 2019.

An adventure that began with few undergraduate students and three pioneer academic staff at inception has today birthed several Chartered and Professional Accountants; as well as seasoned Business administrators currently adding value to the Nation and the world at large. This exciting accomplishment is predicated purely on the ability of the products of the Faculty to compete with their peers from any other University in the world. This feat and the quality of teaching and research have been the drive to further birth the idea of Postgraduate Programmes of the Faculty.

Today, the Faculty of Administration has seven Postgraduate Programmes running, it is a Faculty sought for both in terms of graduate and Postgraduate Programmes, as ‘a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden’. The seven Postgraduate Programmes of the faculty includes:

  • Postgraduate diploma in Accounting
  • Postgraduate diploma in Business Administration
  • MSc in Accounting
  • MSc in Human Resource Management
  • M.Sc Business Administration
  • Masters in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Ph.D. Accounting
  • Ph.D. Business Administration

The primary emphasis of our Programmes is to prepare future leaders for successful professional careers in every sector of the economy and the Faculty of Administration recognizes that becoming successful products capable of adding value to the society at large, requires the ability to produce important research that expands the frontiers of knowledge. The curriculum of the various Departments in the Faculty are the result of a careful analysis and examination of other world leading institution’s graduate and postgraduate programmes and the emerging needs of the Finance world, Management, Government, Academics, Researchers and Business executives in the 21st century. The faculty uses creativity and innovation to develop comprehensive curricular and specialization courses, required of all graduate and postgraduate students.

The world is undergoing revolution in information and communication technology (ICT), which is rightly referred to as the digital revolution. The ongoing revolution in the area of information and communication technology and reporting standards will continuously present huge opportunities to internationally recognized scholars and professionals. The Faculty is focused on ensuring that after passing through its well-structured lectures, research activities and information technology-based seminars, students will be empowered with the requisite knowledge and skills required to be relevant in the teaching and practice of management sciences using e-teaching, e-learning facilities.

We invite all prospective students, both at the graduate and undergraduate levels, to take advantage of the great opportunities offered at the Faculty of Administration, Bingham University, Karu Nasarawa State.


  1. Accounting
  2. Business Administration
  3. Entrepreneurship

Dr. Christy Zwingina

Dr. Christy Zwingina



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