Course Title Financial Management
Course Level 400
Credit Unit 3

The objective of the course is to provide the necessary basic tools for the students so as to 

Manage the finance function. The students should be able to understand the management of the financing of working capital needs and the long term capital needs of the business organization 

* Standard Discounting Table and Annuity tables shall be allowed in the Examination 


  1. The Finance function: Nature and Scope. Importance of finance function – The new Role in the contemporary scenario – Goals of finance function; Profit Vs Wealth Vs Welfare; –Wealth maximization and Risk-Return trade off. 

  1. The Investment Decision: Investment decision process – Project generation, project Evaluation, project selection and project implementation. Developing Cash Flow Data. Using Evaluation Techniques – Traditional and DCF methods. The NPV Vs IRR Debate.

  1. The financing Decision: Sources of finance – a brief survey of financial instruments. 

The capital structure decision in practice: EBIT-EPS analysis. Cost of capital: The 

Concept – Average Vs Marginal cost of Capital. Measurement of cost of capital – Component Costs and Weighted Average Cost. The Dividend Decision: Major forms of 


  1. Introduction to working capital: Concepts and characteristics of working capital, Factors determining the working capital. Estimation of working capital requirements. 

Current Assets Management: Management of current assets – Cash, Receivables and 

Inventory. Cash budget, Credit terms – Financing current assets 

  1. Corporate Restructures: Corporate Mergers and acquisitions and take-over’s-Types of 

Mergers, motives for mergers, Principles of corporate governance. 


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