Course Title Financial Management
Course Level 300
Credit Unit 2

Course Structure

  1. General overview, Scope and Purpose of Financial Management, and objectives of Business Organizations. 
  2. Core Areas of Finance -  Financing Decisions (Sources of Funds).
  3. Investing Decisions (Disbursement of Funds).
  4. Dividend Decisions (Maintenance of Funds).
  5. Levels of Management and Information Needs of Managers.
  6. Sources of Finance
  7. Capital Budgeting and Investment Appraisal.
  8. Working Capital Management.
  9. Managerial Skills and Concepts.
  10. Electronic Financial Management and Digital Information System.
  11. Financial Management Software (Accounting Software).
  12. Financial Management Using Peachtree Accounting (Sage 50).
  13. Security Analysis and Portfolio Management.
  14. Efficient Market Hypothesis.
  15. Emerging and Contemporary issues in Financial Management.