Course Title Organometallic Compounds and Bioinorganic Chemistry
Course Level 400
Credit Unit 2

Organometallic Compounds: Definition – Nomenclature and classification – sigma complex – Pi complex – those containing both sigma and Pi bonds – 18 electron rule – Metal carbonyls – mononuclear and polynuclear (give examples of carbonyls of Fe, Co, Ni) – preparation and properties of carbonyls of iron and nickel – Bonding in organometallic compounds like ferrocene, dibenzene chromium, Ziese’s salt – Dinitrogen complexes – Application of organometallic compounds. Bioinorganic Chemistry: Role of metal ions in biological systems – Biochemistry of iron, haemoglobin and myoglobin (elementary idea of the structure and mechanisms of their actions) – Photosynthesis – Sodium-Potassium pump - Biochemistry of magnesium and calcium (brief study only) Pre-requisite: CHM 321, CHM 405