Course Title Public Sector Accounting
Course Level 400
Credit Unit 3


This course is designed to introduce students to the basic aspects of public sector accounting including its meaning, scope, objectives, basis, units, processes and structure, the regulatory and professional framework of government accounting, sources of government revenue, pensions and pension fund accounting,  treasury and expenditure control system, financial reporting, cash flow statement, value added statement, interpretation of government financial statement, International Public Sector Accounting Standards and standardization of Government accounts in Nigeria.


  • Introduction to Public Sector Accounting 

  • Basis, Units, Processes and Structure of Public Sector Accounting 

  • Regulatory and Professional Framework of Government Accounting 

  • Government Revenue and Expenditure 

  • Accounting Record Keeping in the Public Sector 

  • Treasury and Expenditure Control System 

  • IPSASs and the Standardization of Government Accounts 


On completion of this course, it is expected that the students will be able to understand: 

  • The basic aspects of public sector accounting, the basis, units, processes and structure of public sector accounting;

  • The regulatory and professional framework of government accounting; 

  • Sources of government revenue and treasury control accounting system;

  • Treasury and expenditure control system;

  • IPSASs and standardization of Government Accounts in Nigeria.


Every student is required to attend the class regularly and participate actively in class discussions. Attendance at lecture is compulsory and at least 75% attendance record is mandatory for a student to qualify to sit for the end of semester examination.