Course Title Management Information System
Course Level 400
Credit Unit 2

Course Structure

  1. Definition of Systems and Computer and Historical Development of computer systems

  2. Management Information System (Definition, Forms, and Development of MIS)

  3. Information System, Management Levels and Information Needs of Management

  4. Basic Components of a Computer System and Elements of Financial Information Systems (Accounting and Business Information Systems).

  5. Concept of Data, Information, and Applied Data Processing

  6. Contemporary Business Model and its relevance to Management Information System.

  7. System Development Life Cycle.

  8. Understanding the Concept of Information Communication Technology (ICT).

  9. Application of ICT in Business and Commerce, Financial Services and Administration, Telecommunications, and Accounting.

  10. The Control System and Control in a Computerized Environment.

  11. Computer Crimes and System Vulnerability.

  12. Database Management and Information System

  13. Communication Networks, the Global Information Gateway, the Internet Revolution, and Globalization.

  14. E-Financial, E-Business Management, E-Commerce, Digital Markets, Digital Goods, and E-Operations.

  15. Contemporary and Emerging Issues in Management Information System (Paper Presentations and Seminar series suitable for publication).