Course Title Principles & Techniques of Management I
Course Level 200
Credit Unit 2

The course introduces the students to the principles guiding management thought, by providing a historical background to the subject, an overview on Management.  Meaning, definitions, basic concepts of Management are introduced.  Development of Management theory, Its evolution from 1910 – 2000, scientific approach to Management, classical approach to Management, systems theory, contemporary  Management, classical theories of Management, Max Weber & Ideas of Bureaucracy, theories of Leadership & Group behaviour, Leadership – Theory & Practice, groups and group behaviours, the Manager Terrain, role of a Manager, kinds/types of  Manager, training & Skills of the Manager, functions of Management, Planning, Organizing, Directing, Coordinating, Management Development in Nigeria, Human Resource Management, Recruitment and selection, employee development and training, performance, Appraisal and Discipline, Motivation, Early and later theories and Revisions.