Course Title Management Theory
Course Level 300
Credit Unit 2

The is a 300 level course that solidify the knowledge of management  by classifying  management into FIVE managerial components, synthesizing the history of the evolution of management theory, its development  in the classical era, the scientific era,  human relations theory and behavioural theory. Depth into the Contingency theory, Leadership and Decision making: the Vroom- Yetton –Jago model, theories of Leadership, Forecasting, Overview of strategic planning tool, Employee compensation and benefits, Management By Objectives and Performance management are treated in-depth. 

Concept of Management in the physical and Social Sciences, level of theory. The features of theory in management, Link between management theories and practices, Difficulties of development; Useful management theories and model in developing countries. Existing theories and models: Theories X and Y, theory of leadership. Theory Z, Management Grid model etc. testing specific theories and models in deferent sectors in Nigeria: the family setting, community, Construction, Service sectors the public, private, national and global setting etc.; assessing the managerial philosophies and behaviors is Nigeria.