Course Title Enzymology
Course Level 200
Credit Unit 2

The course which is a team-taught will first introduce the students to the meaning/definition of the term, enzymology, nature of enzymes, classification of enzymes, and biochemical thermodynamic function. 

The course will expose the students to properties of enzymes including coenzymes and cofactors, specificity of enzyme, and classes of enzymes specificity. Finally, the students will be taught enzyme kinetics, derivation of Michaelis-Menten’s equation, and the significance of km.


On completion of the course the students should be able to: 

  1. To define the term enzymology
  2. State the nature of enzyme
  3. Classify enzymes giving examples
  4. Explain enzyme as biological catalyst.
  5. Differentiate between coenzymes and cofactors, key- and- lock and induced fit models.