Course Title Bioinorganic Chemistry
Course Level 200
Credit Unit 2


Bioinorganic Chemistry describes the mutual relationship between inorganic chemistry and biochemistry sub-disciplines, with focus upon the function of inorganic substances in living systems, including the transport, speciation and, eventually, mineralisation of inorganic materials, and including the use of inorganics in medicinal therapy and diagnosis. These substances can be metal ions (such as K+, Fe2+ and Fe3+), composite ions (e.g. molybdate), coordination compounds (e.g. cisplatin and carbonyltechnetium), or inorganic molecules such as (CO, NO, O3). 


• Bioinorganic ions commonly associated with biochemistry. 

• Roles of inorganic ions in enzymatic catalysis. 

• Haem biosynthesis and function, 

• Blood clotting mechanism and muscle contraction, 

• Interaction of inorganic ions with biological systems. 

• Mineralization of bones and teeth; defects resulting from failure in mineralization. 

• Biochemistry of irons porphyrins. 


Attendance will be taken during each lecture period and will used to determine student’s qualification to sit for the final examination. In case of illness or other unavoidable cause of absence, the student must communicate as soon as possible with course lecturer, indicating the reason for the absence. 

You are not allowed to make copies of another person’s work and submit it as your own; that is plagiarism. 

Students are expected to submit assignments as scheduled. Failure to submit an assignment on due date will earn a zero for that assignment. 


This course will be graded as follows: Class Attendance 5%, Assignments 15%, Test(s) 20%, Final Examination 60%, TOTAL 100% 


Bioinorganic Chemistry Dieter Rehder, Oxford University Press, 2014 (ISBN: 9780199655199) 


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