Course Title Organic Synthesis
Course Level 400
Credit Unit 2

Reduction methods. Catalytic hydrogenation. Reduction with boron and aluminium hydrides and their analogues and derivatives. Metal reductions. Selective reduction in polyfunctional compounds. Oxidation methods. Epoxidation, hydration and hydroxylation of alkenes, oxidative cleavage of glycol. Peroxyacids and coupling and relevance to biosynthesis. Survey of synthetic applications of organometallics. Organoboranes; hydrocarbon oxidation to ketones. Carboxylation reactions and protonolysis. Phosphorus halides and their applications. Enamines: synthesis and applications. Formation of polycyclic compounds. Aldol type reactivity and reaction of iminum salts with nucleophiles. Pericyclic reactions: 

electrocyclic processes, cycloadditions, sigmatropic rearrangements. Synthesis of complex molecules. Methodology for the construction of synthetic routes. 

Prerequisites: CHM 303, CHM 409A