Course Title Introduction To Entrepreneurship
Course Level 200
Credit Unit 2

Lectures Introduction to Entrepreneurship (EPS 228) which covers Introduction (The History and Development of Entrepreneurship, The Concept and Definition of Entrepreneurship, The Entrepreneur, Characteristics and qualities of an entrepreneur); Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice; Ideation: Business Idea (The Business Idea, Sources of Business Idea, The Techniques and Skills for idea generation, Analysing the Business Idea: Capital Budgeting Decisions); New Venture Creation (Feasibility Studies/Business Plan, Business Set-up/Establishment Activities, Business Name and Company Registration, Business Financing, Staffing, Marketing, Business Documentation and Reporting (Accounting System and Control), Insuring the Business (It reduces the risk of failure/collapse); Financial Planning and Management (Capital Requirement); The Business Environment; The Business Opportunities in Nigeria The Role and Importance of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria; The Challenges of Entrepreneurship in Nigeria Business ethics and social responsibility.