Course Title Sytemic Embryology I
Course Level 200
Credit Unit 1

The course is design to enable students understand  how the various systems in the human body have developed. The following topics will be presented for class discussion 

1) Development of the embryonic body cavities which will pave way for further developments which include 

 Development of mesenteries and embryonic diaphragm 

2) Development of the resipratory system which include the development of the respiratory primodium.development of larynx,trachea, bronchi  and lungs.

The congenital anomalies will also be studied 

3) Development of the cardiovascular system which include the following; development of the heart and blood vessels, development of the pharyngeal arteries, fetal and neonatal circulation and development of the lympathatic vessels. Lastly congenital anomalies of the development of the  cardiovascular system

4) Development of the digestive system. Derivatives of the foregut,mid gut and hind gut 

5) Development of the urogenital system. Development of the urinary system which include development of kidneys, suprarenal glands and the bladder. Development of the genital system which include developments of ovaries and testes. Relocation of testis and ovaries will also be studied and development of the inquinal canal and it's congenital anomalies

6) Development of the skeletal system which include development of bones and cartilages, development of the various bones in the body that forms the human skeletal system, development of the axial and appendicular skeleton of the human body 

7) Development of muscular system which include development of smooth,skeletal and cardiac muscles respectifully. Congenital anomalies of the development of muscular system will be studied 

8) Development of the limbs which will include upper and lower  limbs and their congenital anomalies.