Course Title Accounting Entrepreneurial Development
Course Level 400
Credit Unit 2

Course Structure

  1. Understanding the concept of Entrepreneurship, Roles, and Functions of Entrepreneurship. 
  2. Historical antecedent, development of Entrepreneurship, and Theories of Entrepreneurship.
  3. Entrepreneurship and Opportunity Discovery.
  4. Phases in Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Life Cycle and the entrepreneurial process.
  5. Developing a Business Plan and Entrepreneurial Financing.
  6. Corporate Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management.
  7. ICT and Digital Entrepreneurship.
  8. Electronic Accounting and Digital Information System.
  9. Accounting Software and Packages.
  10. Practical Use of Digital Information System for Income generation.
  11. Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Management.
  12. Emerging and Contemporary issues in Accounting Entrepreneurial Development.