Course Title Metabolism of Macromolecules
Course Level 200
Credit Unit 2

Amino acids as building blocks; Biosynthesis of amino acids and derivatives; Oxidative degradation of amino acids and metabolism of one carbon units; Ketogenicity and glucogenicity; Urea cycle, Metaboilsm of inorganic nitrogen. Disorders and Inborn errors of amino acid metabolism. Creatine and creatinine metabolism. Protein catabolism. Degradation and digestion of carbohydrates; sugars, storage polysaccharides and cell walls. Reactions of sugars. Glycolysis, the tricaboxylic acid cycle, the phosphogluconate pathway, the glyoxylic acid cycle, the pentose phosphate pathway and cori cycle, the Calvin pathway, Glucogenesis, glycogenesis and glycogenolysis. Regulation of Carbohydrate metabolism. Disorders of carbohydrate metabolism.Purine and pyrimidine synthesis and catabolism and their regulations. Conversion of ribonucleotides to deoxyribonucleotides. Abnormalities in nucleic acid metabolism, xeroderma, pigmentation and skin cancer. Biosynthesis and Oxidation of lipids and derivatives; Beta, alpha and omega oxidation of fatty acids and triglyceride, fattyacid and triglyceride synthesis. Metabolism of complex lipids. Synthesis of cholesterol. Formation of ketone bodies. Integration of lipid metabolism, lipo proteins Alterations in lipid metabolism; diabetes and obesity.