Course Title Business Communication I
Course Level 200
Credit Unit 2

The course prepares the students with the essential training on communication in Business. Introduces them to the language for business communication, looks at the Definition of business communication, the need for communication, objectives of business communication, communication in an organization, differences between communication and information, definitions of communication. Also, the importance of two-way communication in a workplace, stages of communication, barriers to communication, effective communication in business, principles and steps of developing effective communication are taught.  The students are exposed to the theories on communication, authoritarian theory, libertarianism or free press theory, social responsibility theory, development communication theory, two step flow, One step flow and multi flow theories. Techniques of writing business/formal letter, elements of a good letter, correspondence, memo writing, business letter format, organizing meeting and writing effective minutes. The course also introduce to students this sub topics such as writing of notice of meeting, purpose of minutes and types, characteristics of good minutes, report writing, classification of report, essential steps in writing report, structure of report, Referencing, grammatical Errors, why proper grammar is important, how to improve grammar, punctuations, basic signs of punctuations , capitalization and Revision.