Beyond Benign Endorses Chemical Sciences Department Bingham University In Green Chemistry Commitment (Gcc)

Published on: Jan 31st, 2020

Beyond Benign, develops and disseminates resources that empower educators, students and the community to practice sustainability through green chemistry. By providing educators with the tools, training, and support to make green chemistry an integral part of education, a community of transformation is building and causing a paradigm shift in science education to ensure the chemical building blocks of products used every day are healthy and safe for humans and the environment.

Bingham University is the first University in the Northern region of Nigeria and Second in Africa to sign the Green Chemistry Commitment (GCC). This feat has given the University access to valuable open-access green chemistry educational resources created by the GCC community and even a whole semester-long green chemistry course in addition to other GCC signing benefits. Beyond Benign and the GCC signers, located at institutions globally, are working together to lower the barrier to green chemistry adoption in higher education and push the field of green chemistry towards creating a sustainable future by practicing sustainability through chemistry.