Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Pharmacy is a honourable profession, a vital part of the health care team equipped with versatile, outstanding career opportunities and excellent earning potential. It is a major health care profession that deals with the science of preparing and distribution of drugs. Pharmacists play important leadership roles in all aspects of the health-care system, they are health -care professionals authorized to perform various functions such as preparing, compounding, dispensing prescription drugs, monitoring drug interactions, administering vaccines and counseling patients regarding the effects and proper usage of drugs and food supplements.


The Bachelor of Pharmacy programme is to produce well trained professionals with adequate knowledge, skills and competencies for effective and safety use of drugs in the health care system.


To be a Faculty of high academic and professional standards.


To produce God-fearing highly trained and skilled Pharmacists as well as Pharmaceutical Scientists

  • To produce professionals that are experts in Pharmacy practice
  • To be a Centre of excellence for Pharmacy research and drug development
  • To develop an environment for God-fearing staff and students.
  • To inculcate in students a sense of recognition of the Pharmacy profession by empowering them academically with a variety of Pharmacy practice
  • To develop students with adequate pharmaceutical care knowledge in the health care delivery system
  • To inculcate in students a broad spectrum of professional practice in all the areas of Pharmaceutical knowledge to teach in educational institution
  • To provide the students with the knowledge of Pharmaceutical sciences in drug delivery
  • To provide the students with appropriate skills and adequate knowledge from which they can undertake postgraduate training in any area of Pharmacy
  • To develop students to do relevant research to solve both national and global health problems.
Career Opportunities

B.Pharm Degree holders can work in a variety of settings such as hospital , pharmaceutical industry, academic, research institutions, military health care system or as a self -reliant entrepreneur by setting up a pharmaceutical company

Entry into the university is done through the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and the post UTME examination of the University only. Candidates wishing to be admitted into the non-professional year (100 level) must have five credits including English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology at ordinary level Senior Secondary Certificate (SSCE) or its equivalent.

Also, prospective students with passes at advance level General Certificate of Education (G.C.E), or Higher School Certificate, (H.S.C) in Chemistry, Biology and Physics may be admitted directly into the first professional year (200 level).

First Semester
SN Code Name Unit
1. BIO101 General Biology 1 2
2. BIO100A Experimental Biology 1 1
3. CHM101 General Chemistry I 2
4. CHM197 Experimental Chemistry 1
5. CHM103 Organic Chemistry 1 2
6. PHY101 General Physics I 2
7. PHY107 General Physics Laboratory 1 1
8. CMP103 Introduction to Computer 2
9. MTH101 Elementary Math I 2
10. MTH103 Elementary Math 111 2
11. GST111 Com.in English 1 2
12. GST125 Com.Health issues 2
13. GST113 Nigerian people & Culture 2
14. GST121 Use of library 2
Second Semester
S/N Code Name Unit
1. PHM102 Introduction to Pharmacy 2
2. BIO102 General Biology II 2
3. BIO100B Experimental Biology II 1
4. BST104 Christian Belief 2
5. CHM102 Inorganic Chemistry I 2
6. CHM198 Experimental Chemistry I 1
7. CMP112 Introduction to Computer 2
8. GST112 Philosophy and Logic 2
9. GST122 Communication in English II 2
10. GST124 Communication in French 2
11. MTH102 Elementary Math II 2
12. PHY102 General Physics 11 2
13. PHY108 General Physics Laborary II 1
First Semester
S/N Code Name Unit
1. PCG201 General Pharmacognosy 3
2. PCH201 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry I 3
3. ANA201 Anatomy I 3
4. BCH241 Biochemistry I 3
5. PSY201 Physiology 3
Second Semester
S/N Code Name Unit
1. PCG202 Organized (cellular) and Unorganized (acellular) drugs 3
2. PCH202 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Physical & Radiopharmacy) 3
3. PMB201 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Microbiology 3
4. PTE202 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Technology 3
5. ANA202 Anatomy II 3
6. BCH242 Biochemistry II 3
7. PSY202 Physiology II 3
8. GST222 Peace and Conflict Resolution 2
9. GST224 Leadership Skill 2
10. EPS228 Entrepreneurship 2
First Semester
S/N Code Name Unit
1. PCG301 Phytochemistry of drugs of normal organ 3
2. PCH301 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry I 3
3. PHM301 Introductory Pharmacology 2
4. PHM302 Autonomic Pharmacology 3
5. CPP301 Pathology and Pathophysiology I 2
6. PMB301 Pharmaceutical Microbiology I 3
7. PTE301 Physical Pharmacy 1
8. PTE303 Dispensing I 1
9. EPS311 Entrepreneurship skill acquisition 2
Second Semester
S/N Code Name Unit
1. PCG302 Techniques in Phytochemical Studies 3
2. PCH302 Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry II 2
3. PCH304 Pharmaceutical Analysis 3
4. PHM303 Systematic Pharmacology 3
5. CPP302 Pathology and Pathophysiology II 2
6. PTE301 Physical Pharmacy 1
7. PTE303 Dispensing I 1
8. PTE304 Formulation of Semi dosage forms and disperses systems 2
First Semester
S/N Code Name Unit
1. PCG401 Nigerian Medicinal Plants and Forensic Pharmacology 3
2. PCH401 Medicinal Chemistry I 2
3. PHM401 Systematic Pharmacology I 3
4. CPP401 Clinical Pharmacokinetics 2
5. PMB401 Pharmaceuticals Microbiology II 4
6. PTE401 Industrial Pharmacy 4
7. PTE403 Dispensing II 1
8. CPA403 Research Methods & Biostatistics (CPP 403*) 3
Second Semester
S/N Code Name Unit
1. PCG402 Alternative/Complementary and Herbal Medicines 2
2. PCH402 Pharmaceutical Analysis 1 3
3. PHM402 Systematic Pharmacology II 3
4. PHM403 Chemotherapy 2
5. CPP402 Pharmacotherapeutics I 2
6. PTE402 Formulation of Semi-solid and Gaseous Dosagae Forms 2
7. PTE403 Dispensing II 1
8. CPA401 Pharmacy Law and Ethics 2
9. CPA402 Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) (CPA 404*) 6
First Semester
S/N Code Name Unit
1. PCG501 Biogenesis of Drugs of Natural Origin and Special Classes of Natural Products 2
2. PCH501 Medicinal Chemistry II 2
3. PHP501 Systematic Pharmacology IV (CNS) 3
4. PHP502 Biochemical Pharmacology 2
5. CPP501 Pharmacotherapeutics II 2
6. CPP503 Clerkship 2
7. CPP505 Ethical Dispensing and Demonstration of Clinical Skills (PTE 501*) 1
8. CPP507 Supply Chain Management of Pharmaceuticals and other Health Commodities 3
9. CPA501 Project 2
Second Semester
S/N Code Name Unit
1. PCH502 Analytical aspects of Drug Control and Photochemistry 3
2. PHP503 Toxicology and Social Pharmacology 3
3. CPP502 Introductions to Health Care Informatics and Clinical Pharmacy Practices 2
4. CPP503 Clerkship 2
5. CPP504 Social and Public Health Pharmacy 2
6. CPP505 Ethical Dispensing and Demonstration of Clinical Skills (PTE 501*) 1
7. CPP506 General Pharmacy Management (PSC 402*) 3
8. PMB501 Pharmaceutical Microbiology III 3
9. CPA501 Project 2
10. CPA502 Application of Computer to Pharmacy 3
Course Synopsis
Code Name