Staff Profile

Ageebee Faki
Dr. Ageebee Faki

Position: Senior Lecturer

Department: Computer Science



Dr. Faki Ageebee Silas, Senior Lecture ,

Interest: Cyber Security and Forensic Computing Software development/Engineering , Algorithm Development,  , Data Science and Analytics, Machine Learning Using Python. Dr. Faki has many scholarly written articles, also attended many conferences and workshops both local and international.

SN Name Institution Year Obtained
1 PhD Computer Science University of Ilorin 2018
2 MSc Computer Science University of Ilorin-Nigeria 2012
3 Master in Cyber Security EC-Council University, USA On going
4 Graduate Certificate, Information Security Professional EC-Council University, USA 2021
5 PGD Computer Science University of Abuja, Nigeria 2006
6 B.Sc. Computer Science Salem University, Lokoja 2021
7 HND Statistics Federal Polytechnic Bida, Niger Stste 2000
8 ND Mathematics/Statistics Benue State Polytechnic, Ugbokolo 1996
SN Name Type Status
1 Yakubu A Ibrahim, Silas A Faki, Taofeek-Ibrahim Fatomoh Abidemi (2019). Aotomatic Speech Recognition Using Mfcc In Future Extraction Based Hmm For Human Computer Interaction In Hausa. Anale Serial Informatica Vol Xvii Fasc, 2019 Journal Article
2 Ebelogu Christopher, Amujo Oluyemi . Adelaiye Oluwasegun I, Faki Ageebee S (2019).Media Access Control (Mac) Protocols: An Overview. International Journal Of Advances In Scientific Research And Engineering Vol 5, Issue 8. Volume 7, Issue , August, Journal Article
3 Ebelogu Christopher, Amujo Oluyemi . Adelaiye Oluwasegun I, Faki Ageebee S.(2019). Privacy Concern In Biometrics. Ieee-Sem, Volume 7, Issue, July Journal Article
4 Oluwasegun Adelaiye, Aminat Showole And Faki Ageebee Silas( 2019) Evaluating Advance Persistent Threats, Mitigation Effects: A Review. International Journal Of Information Security Science, Vol 1, No 1, January Journal Article
5 Musa Yusuf And Faki Ageebee Silas And Salim Haruna (2018). Implementing Personnel Management As Saas. Circulation In Computer Science, Volume 3, Number 5 Journal Article
6 Igboeli Uchenna And Faki Ageebee Silas (2018). Users Knowledge On Awareness Of Health Implications Of Energy Emitted From Ict Devices. Circulation In Computer Science, Volume 3, Number 2, March Journal Article
7 Faki Ageebee Silas And Ibrahim Yakubu A. And Babatunde Jacob Peter (2017). Enhancing Atm Card Security Using 2-Factor Authentication By Hashing Customers Device Attributes Journal Article
8 Faki Ageebee Silas And Jimoh Rasheed Gbenga (2017). Improving Job Survivability With Priority Scheduling Model In Grid Environment. International Journal Of Information Security, Privacy And Digital Forensic, Volume 1, No. 1, August Journal Article
9 Faki Ageebee Silas And Jimoh Rasheed Gbenga (2017). Reducing Checkpoint Overhead In Grid Environment Journal Of Information And Computing Science, Volume 12 Number 4, December Journal Article
10 Faki Ageebee Silas, Musa Yusuf And Anah Hassan Bijik (2017). Hybridization Of Class Responsibility Collaborators Model (Hcrcm) With Function Point To Enhance Project Estimation Cost In Agile Software Development. Circulation In Computer Science Volume 2, Number 6, July Journal Article
11 Faki Ageebee Silas, Yusuf Musa And S.akosu Joyce (2017). Empirical Analysis Of Internal Sorting Algorithm. British Journal Of Mathematics & Computer Science, Volume 20, Issue 1 Journal Article
12 Ogedebe P.m. And Faki Ageebee Silas (2015). Abuse Of Unified Modelling Language Diagrams In Software Development. British Journal Of Mathematics & Computer Science, Volume 10, Issue 1, May Journal Article
13 Faki Ageebee Silas And Ogedebe P.m (2014). Use Case Modelling Of Bingham University Library Management System. West African Journal Of Industrial And Academic Research, Volume 10, April Journal Article
14 Faki Ageebee Silas And Emmanuel J. Adejoke (2013). A Survey On Global System Of Mobile Communication (Gsm) On Academic Performance In Nigeria Senior Secondary Schools. International Journal Of Science And Research, Volume 2 Issue 10, October Journal Article
15 Aremu D.r And Faki Ageebee Silas (2013). Adaptation Mechanism For Managing Grid Resources. International Journal Of Engineering Science Invention Volume 2 Issue 5, May Journal Article
16 Faki Ageebee Silas And Ogedebe P.m (2015) The Effects Of Wrong Software Methodology On Software Performance In Nigeria. 1St International Conference On Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development Through Scientific Research And Modern Technology. 20Th -21St January, Baze University, Abuja. Conference Paper
17 Faki Ageebee Silas And Awujuola Abayomi (2019). Exploring Python Programming For Improved Data Visualization. Up2It Practical Conference. 02 – 03 November, 2019, Sumy State University, Ukraine. Conference Paper
Research Interests
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software Engineering
  • Machine Learning