Dr. AJIBILI Danjuma Onu

Assoc. Prof. AJIBILI Danjuma Onu, Ph.D, CLN, MIPMA
University Librarian





The importance of a library in an academic environment cannot be overemphasized.

A library is an integral part of the university and an important tool to knowledge acquirement for young minds in schools. Besides, the library is a granary of knowledge and where successful leaders, victors, innovators are incubated and produced. Therefore, it can be said that, 'just like the strength of an army lies in the quality of its armory, so also the strength of any academic institution lies largely in the quality of its library'. This 'quality' refers to the quality of its  Manpower (qualification and experience ) and most importantly, Information Resources (physical and electronic, online and offline).

Bingham University Library is very cognizant of the aforementioned fact hence, evident in its activities for this academic session. kindly feel free to navigate our website to access numerous web links to robust "ELECTRONIC RESOURCES" and "DATABASES" in various academic fields and disciplines.