It was recognized at the very inception of the Bingham University Karu, that a Faculty of Law should be established to cater for the training of Lawyers that are much needed in this part of the world. Thus, in 2017, a Faculty of Law was established which started admitting students from all over the country in the 2017/2018 academic session/year with necessary statutory approval from the National University Commission.

The Faculty commenced its academic programme with 89 students and two departments, namely, the Department of Public and International Law and Jurisprudence and the Department of Private and Commercial Law. The names of the Departments were later changed to the Department of Public and Private Law and The Department of International Law and Jurisprudence.

The pioneering staff of the Faculty were Dr. David Agbu, who served as the first Dean of the Faculty of Law, Joseph Afolabi as the Faculty Officer and Julius O. Beida Esq, as Examination Officer.


The philosophy of the LL.B program offered by the faculty is to impart knowledge and learning of international standard in law to men and women of all races without any distinction on the ground of race, religion or political belief that would meet the diverse needs of the society. The Law Program of the Faculty of Law is designed to ensure that the graduates of Law will have a clear understanding of the role and importance of law in the society. They should also have exposure to other disciplines in the process of acquiring legal education. Consequently the curriculum is designed carefully to make sure that Law is taught as it exists at any given moment and that the students will be comparative in their approach to legal studies, bearing in mind that there are many systems of law concurrently in operation.

The program is not designed to make our students expert in a field of law, but to enable them see the various openings that are available to them as they pitch their tents in the legal field.

In order to attain these objectives, students of the Faculty are required to take a number of non-law courses from other Faculties. All our students must register, take and pass examination in the courses run by the Department of General Studies of the University. Our aim is to prepare the students for a legal education that should be a challenge for the students to examine the functioning of the society.



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