The Linkages and Transnational Education Directorate was established on June 11, 2019, to liaise with the Advancement office towards the realization and implementation of partnerships, agreements, and memoranda of understanding that the university shall enter into.


The effort put in by the Directorate with support from Management yielded active collaborations with the following partners:

  1. Sumy State University, Ukraine

    The MoU enabled Bingham to Transfer students of B.Sc anatomy & Physiology in 200, 300 & 400L to Study MBBS in Ukraine. It also involves faculty exchange and other short-term certificated programmes.

  2. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

    This MoU between Bingham and LSTM covers the areas of Programme development, Curricula, Staff Training, Teaching and Learning, research works, Mentorship and Technical Assistance.

  3. University of Wolverhampton, UK Bingham and Wolverhampton

    Signed and MoU to provide Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses leading to an award by the university in Academic Mobility (Biotechnology Degree). Wolverhampton was also to provide short term immersion programme with a certificate for our students of entrepreneurship.

  4. University of Buffalo New York

    Both Universities are to collaborate on Research on prostate cancer on men of African descent.

  5. Global Studio for African Centred Architecture

    Focus is to Establish and Maintain a Collaboration for the purpose of innovating solutions for sustainable development.

  6. AMBOSS GmBH Germany

    Through this MoU, AMBOSS seeks to provide students and faculty for a defined time period with a unique and holistic digital resource that supports the study and teaching of foundational and clinical sciences while Bingham University seeks to provide benefits to its students and faculty, and promote their interest.

  7. The Jonah inheritance USA

    Through this MoU, Jonah inheritance seeks to provide services which include and not limited to perform lecturers, workshops, seminars and Partner in medical outreaches and also bring medical and ancillary personnel to provide their expertise and services in Nigeria.

  8. The Jennifer-Etu Foundation Abuja

    The signed MoU requires Bingham University to be responsible for the overall management of the hospital that was built and equipped by Jennifer Etuh Foundation [JEF] in Kagoro, Kaduna State. The hospital was commissioned in July 2022 and it is currently providing both in-patient and out-patient services to the inhabitants of the town and its neighbors. It also serves as an outlet for medical students’ rural postings.

  9. Global Wissen Consult

    This aims to complement the already existing Entrepreneurship Program with Digital Entrepreneurship skills.

  10. Om Sterling Global University (OSGU) India

    The MoU focus is on Exchange of Faculty, Exchange of Students, Joint teaching, research, or cultural activities and Joint organization of seminars and academic meetings.

  11. Federal Medical Centre, Keffi

    To provide clinical and laboratory experience to students of BSc. Nursing and BSc. Medical Laboratory Science

  12. Nasarawa State Hospitals Management Board

    To provide clinical and Laboratory experience to students of Medical laboratory Science.

  13. ECWA Community Health Initiative

    Headquarters, Jos for the use of ECWA Comprehensive Health Centre Karu for Community Health Nursing and Clinical Experience & Training of Bingham University B.Sc Nursing Students.

  14. State House Medical Centre Abuja

    Students in final year of Pharmacy utilize the facility of SHMC for their Clinical Pharmacy clerkship in order to be exposed to clinical cases in the hospital.

  15. AVE-MARIA University, Piyanko

    Bingham University is to provide its laboratories and staff for training of students of Ave-Maria university on agreed terms.

  16. ECWA Health Insurance Scheme (EHIS)

    To provide health care insurance package for students of Bingham University.