Faculty of Arts, Bingham University, has existed since the inception of the University as Faculty of Humanities, Social and Management Sciences. In 2018, the Faculty of Social sciences and the Faculty of Management were carved out and the Faculty of Humanities was renamed Faculty of Arts.

The Faculty has gone through various transformations in terms of curriculum and staff development. Currently, the Faculty has developed into three autonomous multi-disciplinary departments as follow:

  1. Department of English and Literary studies
  2. Department of Philosophy
  3. Department of Religious Studies


The B.A. (Hons) degree programme in English and Literary Studies recognizes and accordingly emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between Language and Literature. Our students are encouraged to have an area of emphasis only in their final year, with an aim to give them a balanced all-round but in-depth education in English Studies (Language and Literature) capable of making them efficient teachers, scholars and public servants.

Our philosophy is informed and motivated by the international status of English and its statutory functions in Nigeria. The programme strives at stimulating students’ critical and imaginative skills and sharpening their linguistic sensitivity to be able to respond effectively and efficiently to academic and professional challenges in areas such as teaching, research and public service.

Our objective is to enrich students’ perception of the infinite communicative, bonding and cultural significance of Language and Literature in human societies.


Duration: Four (4) years or eight (8) semesters


For admission into Bachelor of Arts programme, candidates are required to possess either (a) or (b) below, or equivalent qualification.

  1. (a) An acceptable pass in UTME (University and Tertiary Matriculation Examination) subjects, which includes Government, History, Christian Religious Knowledge, Literature in English, Economics and Geography. In addition, candidates must have O’ level credit pass in English Language, two Arts subjects and any other two (2) subjects. A credit in Mathematics is also required.
  2. (b) Pass in A’ level including Government or History. In addition, candidates must have a minimum of 5 O’ level credits, including English Language and Two (2) Arts subjects. Candidates considered for admission under this category are admitted into 200 level.


Following its establishment, very few students came in for Philosophy because it is a new academic discipline in the university with students wondering what they could do as Philosophy graduates. Overtime, however, the discipline is becoming popular and an increasing number of students are showing interest in the course. The department was founded in 2020 with the intention of being a unit in the Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy. Towards the end of that same year, it started as an independent unit known as the department of Philosophy. The first coordinator of the department was Rev. Dr. Joseph Dyaji. In 2021, Dr.Olugbenga Oloidi became the Acting Head of Department and the current Head of Department is Prof. Ephrahim Stephen Essien.


It is a deliberate policy of the Department to fully inform the students with philosophy first as a discipline, its rich heritage and unique nature. A full understanding of the various arms of philosophy and multiplicity of its allied concerns is to underscore the mandatory rigour of academic scholarship and instil in the student the philosophical attitude. These efforts shall expectedly instil the required confidence in our graduates that they are optimally equipped for engagement in the market space.
The program is not designed to only make our students experts in their field of study, but to enable them see the various openings that are available to them as they pitch their tents in the field of philosophy.


  • Prepare students for careers in the public and private sectors.
  • Develop entrepreneurial spirit in graduating students which will enable them to be employers rather than employees after graduation.
  • Provide a strong academic background for research and postgraduate studies.


Duration: Four (4) years or eight (8) semesters


  1. A candidate who has satisfied the basic University and Faculty of Arts requirements meant for those seeking admission into the Department.
  2. A candidate who holds SSCE, GCE (O/LEVEL), NECO with five subjects passed at credit level. This must include English Language, and two other subjects from either Arts or the Social Sciences. A pass in Mathematics is also required.


Prof. Dul Johnson
Dean, Faculty of Arts
I am delighted to welcome you to the Faculty of Arts, Bingham University. The Faculty has existed since inception of the University. Currently, the Faculty of Arts comprises English and Literary Studies, Philosophy, and Religious Studies. The Department of English and Literary Studies has graduated over three hundred students, some of who are lecturers in the University, Ph.D holders within and outside the country, Directors of N.G.O, Teachers, Writers, Editors and Journalists. The faculty keys into the vision and mission of the University and works to contribute to their actualization.

Dr. Prisca Ochulor



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