A. Tuition Fees
S/N Faculty/Programme Amount Per Session
a. MBBS N690,000.00
b. Pharmacy & Nursing N575,000.00
c. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (Anatomy & Physiology) N690,000.00
d. Faculty of Science & Technology N431,250.00
e. Faculty of Humanities, Social Management Sciences N310,500.00
f. Faculty of Law N480,000.00
B. Other Charges
i. Caution Deposit N60,000.00
ii. Development Levy N35,000.00
iii. Hostel Accomodation N70,000.00
iv. Examination Fees N25,000.00
v. Library Services N25,000.00
vi. Registration Services N11,000.00
vii. Games N11,000.00
viii. ICT Services/Training N55,000.00
ix. Mass Communication Studio Charges (Mass Comm. Std. Only.) N28,000.00
x. Entrepreneur Fees N18,000.00
xi. Education Levy N10,000.00
Summary of Total Fees Per Session Per Faculty
MBBS N1,010,000.00
Pharmacy & Nursing N895,000.00
Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences N895,000.00
Faculty of Science & Technology N751,250.00
Faculty of Humanities, Social & Management Sciences N630,500.00
Mass Communication N658,500.00
Faculty of Law N800,000.00
NOTE: All 100 Level Students are advised to pay their school fees into the following banks
S/N Department Bank Act. No
i. Pharmacy Zenith Bank 1010773456
ii. Nursing Diamond Bank 0015140095
iii. Law Access Bank 0016600090
iv. Other Departments First Bank 2008968469