Bingham University has successfully reached a Memorandum of Understanding for grants and cooperation with the following Institutions/Organizations;

    Scope of Agreement

    This agreement became effective on the 23rd of May 2019 spanning a duration of 5 (Five) years which is deemed automatically prolonged on the same condition of 5 (Five) years if there are no written objections from both parties.

    • Both institutions agree to encourage faculty and staff participation in exchange program activities starting from September, 2019.
    • The parties defined the priorities scope of areas for exchange including but not limited to ICT technologies and economic sciences.
    Subject of Agreement:
    1. Transfer of Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology
      1. Implementation of project on transferring students to continue education at Medical Institute of Sumy State University on the specialty “Medicine” educational level “Master” after completing after completing of corresponding levels of study at Bingham University on the specialty “Bachelor of Anatomy, Bachelor of Physiology”
    2. Academic Mobility, Economic & Computer Sciences Programmes
      1. Implementation of exchange programmes for students from Bingham University at Sumy State University at Bachelor and Master Educational levels on such specialties:
        • Economics
        • Management
        • Computer sciences
        • Accounting and Taxation
      2. The exchange programmes will be implemented as academic mobility programmes on corresponding levels of study.
    Memorandum of Understanding:

    The Memorandum of Understanding was made this day 8th of October, 2019

    • Staff and RF Student exchange opportunity
    • Short Courses and Training in Entrepreneurship
    • Joint Research including bid and
    • PhD supervision
    Areas of Collaboration

    This agreement became effective on the 22nd of June 2020 with a duration of 5 (Five) years subject to a review annually.

    • For LSTM to consider acceptance of postgraduate students of Bingham University for short placements (duration and arrangements to be agreed upon) for purposes of auditing certain modules related to LSTM programmes.
    • Potential visits from LSTM students to Bingham University to deliver guest lecturers (financial and practical arrangements to be discussed)
    • For reciprocal arrangements of both institutions in areas of teaching on respective programmes.
    • Consideration by LSTM to potentially accept Master of Public Health (MPH) students of Bingham University onto LSTM programmes subject to availability of places, the relevant entry criteria and any pre-agreed discounted fees.
    • Cooperation between staff of both institutions to develop joint research initiatives and research supervision.
    Purpose of Agreement

    This agreement commenced on August 2021 and concludes on 31st August, 2022

    • To promote a mutual relationship between the two said parties.
    • AMBOSS seek to provide students and faculty for a defined time period with a unique and holistic digital resource that supports the study and teaching of foundational and clinical sciences and aids with the preparation for medical exams; and Bingham University seeks to provide benefits to its Students and Faculty, and promote their interest.
    • AMBOSS is to provide free access of 12 months online resources to the medical students and Lecturers worth 365 USD per person.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding in 2019 between Bingham University, Karu Nasarawa State, Nigeria and Sumy State University, Ukraine, the university has achieved the following;

  1. Faculty Academic Exchange of Lecturers
    • Invitation of 4 lecturers from Sumy State University on Sabbatical to lecture in Bingham University for a period of 3 - 5 months.
    • Transfer of 2 (two) Bingham Lecturers from the Departments of Computer Science and Economics to Sumy State University, Ukraine on a 3-month Sabbatical.
  2. Transfer of Bachelor of Science in Anatomy and Physiology Students
    • Bingham University has so far transferred 16 (sixteen) students to study medicine at 200, 300 level and at graduate level from 2019-date.
  3. Academic Mobility Economic and Computer Sciences Programmes for Implementation.
    • A joint Virtual Mobility Programme between Bingham University and Sumy state University on “Cyber Security Economics” from 13th February, 2021 to 6th March, 2021. The programme took place at Computer Science Department of Bingham University.
    • 35 (Thirty-Five) students participated and earned a certificate at the end of the programme.
  • Over 400 students have so far registered on the AMBOSS platform for the free access to the portal.