Bingham University’s School Of Postgraduate Studies Holds First Ph.d Defense

Published on: Nov 3rd, 2023


Bingham University holds Its First Ph.D. Defense which marked a historic milestone in its academic journey. 


In his Opening remarks, the Dean, the School of Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Okoli Bamidele extended a warm welcome to the External Examiner, Prof Michael Ikupolati who is an expert in leadership and corporate governance, for accepting to moderate the candidate, he also welcomed Staff, and Students of Postgraduate studies. He advised the candidate to show ownership of his Ph.D. thesis. 

Mr. Obikwu Johnson defended his Ph.D thesis in Business Administration, titled "Board Governance and Financial Performance of Quoted Healthcare Companies in Nigeria," with great success. The rigorous session of questions and answers that followed his presentation showcased Mr. Johnson's in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field.


Upon careful evaluation of his thesis, the External Examiner on behalf of the Board officially declared Mr. Johnson's defense successful, affirming that he had met the necessary criteria. As a result, Mr. Johnson be awarded the well-deserved degree in recognition of his outstanding work and contribution to knowledge.


The high point of the defense was the presentation of the candidate to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. W.B Qurix, in his office by the Dean of the PG School, where he congratulated Mr. Johnson and the School of Postgraduate Studies for this achievement, adding that it was a significant stride towards advancing research within the university.