National Universities Commission (Nuc) Visit Bingham University On Facilities Assessment Tour, Commend The University For Good Sanitation Practice

Published on: Mar 14th, 2024

National Universities Commission (NUC) was on facility assessment visit to Bingham University to ascertain the level and functionality of the student’s support facilities and services .


Receiving the delegation from NUC, the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Haruna Kuje Ayuba expressed delight on the visit and effort the National Universities Commission has been making in the Nigeria University System in ensuring that standards of both physical structures, academic content and students support services were functioning and maintained .  He stated that there is no reason why an environment where people are living should not be kept clean and tidy.  He intimated the delegation that the National Universities Commission is one of the key strategic partners of the university in human capital development and his administration is determined to continue to maintain a clean and functioning university environment, particularly student’s support services in order to create a healthy lifestyle for both students and staff of the university.


He requested the team to go round the campus and be free to point out areas that the university may need to improve upon, that is in line with the standards of National Universities Commission (NUC).

After several hours of intensive inspection exercise and in their exit briefing session with the management of the university, the head of the delegation, Egekwu Ikoku who did not hide his feelings after the team's inspection of students support services, commended the university management for maintaining a clean campus . He pointed out that students recreation centers, hostels,  inter-campus transportation system, shopping malls, guidance and counseling unit, health center, sporting facilities, internet spots and students sit-out parks were in place and 


excellent .  He encouraged the management of the university not to relent in its effort to enhance the beautification of the campus.  He further advised the management to do more in the area of students with special needs..


The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ayuba appreciated the team for the diligence demonstrated in the discharge of their assignment and thanked them for commending  the university .  He further stated that the management of the university has noted its recommendation and will continue to ensure prudent management of resources to get the desired results.


In the team of. NUC delegation were Egekwu Ikoku, Garba Abdullahi and Mary Enejoh.