Bingham University’s Faculty Of Pharmaceutical Sciences Holds A Seminar On The Potential Of Vernonia Amygdalina Delile (Bitter Leaf)

Published on: Nov 25th, 2023

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences recently held a seminar on the potential of Vernonia Amygdalina Delile, commonly known as Bitter Leaf.

Speaking at the event, Professor Zechariah Lanka Matting from the NICM Health Research Institute at Western Sydney University, Australia, delivered a paper titled "Is Africa Underutilizing Vernonia Amygdalina Delile (Bitter Leaf).”
He stated that the research being conducted was in collaboration with some research institutes in Nigeria. He added that the benefit of the indigenous African plant has the potential to act as an antidiabetic, anticancer, and anti-hemorrhoid treatment amongst  many other uses
From his findings, Prof. Matting emphasized the need for increased exploration of the medicinal properties of the plant and encouraged African researchers to seize the opportunity to delve deeper into the potential therapeutic applications of Vernonia Amygdalina Delile.

The seminar served as a platform to bridge the gap between research conducted in Australia and Nigeria with the possibility for further collaborations.