Nigeria Environmental Society (Nes) Abuja Chapter Partners Bingham University In Tree Planting On World Environmental Day

Published on: Jun 15th, 2024

The Nigeria Environmental Society (NES) recently visited the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Haruna Kuje Ayuba, to advance the Green Campus Initiative (GCI) recently launched by the Vice-Chancellor and to commomerate World Enviromental Day.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Haruna Kuje Ayuba, along with members of the Nigeria Environmental Society (NES), advanced the Green Campus Initiative (GCI) by planting additional trees at Bingham University's main campus in Karu, Nasarawa State.


During the event, the Chairman of NES FCT Chapter, Town Planner, Leke Emmanuel Olushola, emphasized the continuation of the previous day's activities, underscoring their commitment to the GCI. He highlighted the importance of this initiative in enhancing the campus's beautification, improving the health and well-being of the university community. Tpl. Olushola also suggested the establishment of an NES Chapter at Bingham University, encouraging students to join and raise environmental awareness.

In his response, Prof. Ayuba expressed gratitude to NES for their partnership in the GCI and for choosing Bingham University to commomerate the World Environmental Day. He underscored the critical role of tree planting and maintaining a clean environment in adding value to the university community. Prof. Ayuba noted that the initiative had already been embraced by the university's management and various faculties, and he hoped this collaboration would foster further partnerships, including a signed MOU between NES and Bingham University.


Prof. Haruna Kuje Ayuba, Tpl. Leke Emmanuel Olushola, NES members and students actively participated in the tree planting exercise, reinforcing their commitment to the Green Campus Initiative.


 The highlight during the courtesy visit was the presentation of certificate of friendship to the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Haruna Kuje Ayuba by the Chairman of NES FCT Chapter, Tpl. Leke Emmanuel Olushola.