Vice Chancellor Bingham University, Prof. W .B Qurix, Ofr Delivers 3Rd And 4Th Combined Pre-Convocation Lecture Of The Federal University Lokoja

Published on: Dec 14th, 2019

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. W. B Qurix, delivered the 3rd and 4th Combined Pre-Convocation Lecture of the Federal University Lokoja on Thursday 12th December 2019, entitled, "Transformation and Entrepreneurship as Hallmarks of the 21st Century University Education in Nigeria".

Prof. Qurix, stated that in order for Universities to transform, there was a need to have a strategic plan that fits the mission, vision and goals of a University into current realities of the 21st century .

There is also need for capacity building in terms of training the trainer. Universities would also need to be ICT driven to have a competitive edge.

He harped the need for Universities to benchmark and engage in Trans National learning .

Prof. Qurix charged Nigerian Universities to develop a strong connection of the town and gown in order to solve societal problems and be relevant in research and development.

He charged the Universities to develop a niche that gives them an edge. "There is nothing wrong for the Federal University Lokoja to become a University with competence in technology or Bingham University with competence in medicine ", he added.

Prof. Qurix charged Nigerian Universities to Partner actual entrepreneurs in teaching entrepreneurship education to make the lectures more practical and innovative, and promote the formation and transformation of entrepreneurial behaviour